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Company info:

Forma Brežice d.o.o.
Mladinska ulica 3,
8250 Brežice, Slovenia
Phone: 00386 7 499 45 70
e-mail: info@foto123.si
VAT identification number: SI76116042
Taxpayer by law.
Registration number: 5333610000
Registration authority: AJPES
Bank account:
IBAN SI56 6100 0001 5858 683   (T)   DELAVSKA HRANILNICA d.d. LJUBLJANA 

General Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions of online sales of Foto123 are drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, with the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and international codes for e-business and stipulate:
•Delivery methods
•Delivery time
•Terms of payment
• Prices
•Return of goods
•Protection of personal data
• Other provisions
The buyer confirms that he is familiar with and agrees to the terms of sale.
The buyer’s order has the character of a contract and binds the seller and the buyer.


The Foto123 website presents printed and photo products to visitors and enables online ordering.
The order binds Forma Brežice d.o.o. and the buyer and has the character of a contract. The order together with the invoice is kept on the premises of the company and will be accessible to the consumer.

Delivery methods

We use various delivery services to deliver orders. We deliver the ordered products to the address you specified as the delivery address. Deliveries are mostly made in the morning.
The ordered goods can also be picked up in person at the headquarters of the company Forma Brežice d.o.o., every weekday during the company’s working hours, which is published on the website www.foto123.pro. If you decide to pick it up in person, select it under “Delivery method”.

Fast and reliable production and delivery

On normal working days, we manufacture and ship products regularly within the predetermined deadline specified for each product.

If there are technical problems during production or a problem with the procurement of certain materials, the production deadline can be extended up to 14 working days. If we cannot solve the problems within the specified period, we can cancel the order, which we will inform you about by e-mail.

Parcels are usually delivered within the time limit specified for each country on the website. If you think that your order is late in delivery, inform us immediately at info@foto123.si or call us at 00386 7 499 45 70 and we will do our best to receive the ordered goods as soon as possible.

Delivery cost

If there is no “free delivery” promotion on the website or if you have not purchased a product with free delivery, the delivery cost of the ordered products is paid by the buyer.
The delivery cost is indicated on the website and can also be seen when choosing the delivery method when placing the order and depends on the weight of the product.
We only deliver to the European Union countries listed on the website. In the case of delivery to other countries, we will charge the actual cost of postage according to the price list of the delivery service.

Terms of payment

The company Forma Brežice enables the purchase of goods by cash on delivery (Slovenia and Croatia only), by pre-invoice payment, by credit card, via PayPal and by cash and credit card in case of personal collection.

If you choose pre-invoice payment, we will send you the payment information to your e-mail and when it is paid, the ordered items will be manufactured and shipped.
Until the purchase price is paid in full, the goods are the property of Forma Brežice d.o.o..

In the case of cash on delivery, you will pay the order to the delivery person upon collection.

Prices and discounts

Product prices and postage are expressed in euros (EUR). Pay attention to the information about the prices listed, whether they include VAT or not. The VAT rate that is added to the net price depends on the higher VAT rate in the country where the product is shipped. The value added tax (VAT) rate for Slovenia is 22%, for Croatia 25%, Austria 20%, Germany 19%, etc.
We reserve the right to change prices and the right to make a mistake when publishing the price.

Return of goods

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within 15 days of receiving the items in one of two ways:

– to return the product within 15 days of receipt,
– or to notify the company in writing of the resignation within 15 days and to return the goods to the company within 15 days of submitting this notification.

The condition in both cases is that the goods are returned to the publisher’s address undamaged and in an unchanged quantity, in the form in which they were received. If the conditions are met, the company Forma Brežice will refund the buyer the entire purchase price, including shipping costs.
If it is a product with a higher price value of more than €70 + VAT, then it is a special type of product that is custom-made for the customer and, unless the product is made inadequately, it cannot be advertised. In the event that you are ordering a larger quantity or a more expensive product, please contact us so that we can make a sample for you first or show you an example of the product, so that you can make sure beforehand whether the product suits you.
Article 43.d ZVPot (Uradni list 38/2014)

With the enforcement of the right to withdraw from the contract referred to in Article 43 of this Act, the obligations of the parties regarding:

– fulfillment of the contract or
– conclusion of the contract, when the consumer has made an offer to conclude the contract.

In case of withdrawal from the contract, the company shall return all payments received immediately, or at the latest within 14 days after receiving the notice of withdrawal from the contract.

The company returns the received payments to the consumer with the same means of payment that the consumer used, unless the consumer has explicitly requested the use of another means of payment and the consumer does not bear any costs as a result.

The consumer cannot request reimbursement of additional costs incurred if he has explicitly decided on a different type of shipment than the most affordable standard shipment offered by the company.

In the case of sales contracts, the company may withhold the refund of payments received until the return of the goods has been received or until the consumer provides proof that he has sent the goods back, unless the company offers the option of accepting the returned goods.

If the consumer has already received the goods and withdraws from the contract, he returns or hands them over to the company or to a person authorized by the company to accept the goods, immediately or at the latest within 14 days after the notification from the first paragraph of Article 43 of this Act, unless the company offers, to only accept the returned goods. It is considered that the consumer returns the goods on time if they are sent before the expiry of the 14 day return period.

In connection with withdrawal from the contract, the consumer only covers the costs of returning the goods.

When, in the case of a contract concluded off-premises, the goods are delivered to the home upon conclusion of the contract, the company takes them over at its own expense if, due to the nature of the goods, it is not possible to return them in the normal way by post.

The consumer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the goods, if the decrease in value is the result of conduct that is not absolutely necessary to determine the nature, properties and functioning of the goods. The consumer is not responsible for the reduction in the value of the goods if the company does not inform him of the right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with point 4 of the first paragraph of Article 43b.

By exercising the right to withdraw from the contract, the consumer does not assume any obligations other than the obligations from this article and the fourth paragraph of article 43.d and article 43.e of this law.”


We undertake to consider all complaints received in writing or by e-mail (info@foto123.si) within 15 days after receiving the ordered goods.
For hidden or material defects, the complaint period prescribed by the regulations in force in the Republic of Slovenia applies. These are defects in which the goods do not have the properties necessary for their normal use (e.g. mixed pages in a book, blank pages, etc.). In case of such an error, the buyer can exercise his rights if he informs the publisher within two months from the day the error was discovered. It must accurately describe the error and allow the publisher to review the matter. We are not responsible for material defects in the goods that become apparent after two years have passed since the item was delivered.
A defect in the goods is considered to have already existed at the time of delivery if it appears within six months of delivery. In the case of correct notification of the company, the buyer has the right to request that the defect in the goods be rectified or that a part of the amount paid be returned in proportion to the defect or that the amount paid be returned. This right expires two years from the day the buyer notified the publisher of the factual error.

According to Article 37c of the ZVPot, the consumer, who has correctly informed the seller about the error, has the right to demand from the seller that:

– correct a defect in the goods or
– returns part of the amount paid in proportion to the error or
– replaces defective goods with new, faultless goods or
– returns the amount paid.

We reserve the right to assess the validity of the complaint.

All disputes will be resolved by agreement between the parties. If this is not possible, the dispute will be resolved by the competent court in Krško and the proceedings will be held in Slovenian.

Protection of personal data

The buyer allows the company Forma Brežice d.o.o. establishes, manages, maintains and manages the acquired personal data. We collect the data you provide on this website exclusively for internal needs or order execution. We undertake to handle the data in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the RS No. 86/2004, 94/2007) and to use all data exclusively for our own records and in no case forwarded to a third party.

The company Forma Brežice d.o.o. may use the personal data of individuals that it has collected from publicly available sources or within the framework of the legal performance of activities, also for the purposes of offering goods, services, employment or temporary performance of work using postal services, telephone calls, e-mail or other means of telecommunication (in hereinafter: direct marketing) in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, unless another law provides otherwise.

For the purposes of direct marketing, the company Forma Brežice d.o.o. only uses the following personal data collected in accordance with the previous paragraph: personal name, address of permanent or temporary residence, telephone number, e-mail address and fax number. Based on the personal consent of the individual, the company Forma Brežice d.o.o. can it also processes other personal data, but sensitive personal data only if it has the individual’s personal consent for this, which is explicit and, as a rule, written or confirmed by e-mail.

Other provisions

The buyer has all rights under the Consumer Protection Act.
The company Forma Brežice d.o.o. does not recognize any provider of the Out-of-Court Resolution of Consumer Disputes (IRPS) as competent for the resolution of a consumer dispute.

Link to Online Consumer Dispute Resolution (SRPS).

All the conditions and rules stated here are binding for the customer and Forma Brežice d.o.o..
In the event that problems arise during the purchase, please notify us immediately at the email address info@foto123.si.