Free Software Foto123 Creator®

Foto123 Creator®

Design photo products on Windows and Mac desktop computers with Foto123® Creator.

We are very pleased to be able to offer you the Foto123® Creator program free of charge, which is one of the most sophisticated solutions in the world for designing photo products.
The program works in as many as 24 languages. It is easy for beginners to use, but powerful enough for demanding users. The program allows you to design photo books, photo calendars and other photo products without restrictions. There are more than 1000 diverse wallpapers and graphic accessories available to create completely unique photo books for all tastes and occasions.

The program is intended for free use and is fully functional. Download and install it today, and start designing your own photo book or any of the other products. It is very easy to make. When designing, you can use a wizard that will automatically design your photo book with the desired number of pages, taking into account the orientation of the photos and select the appropriate templates. Only edit the cover of the product designed in this way. Of course, you can also customize individual pages.

Install the program, select photos on your computer and design your photo product. When you are done, you can download it to us with the click of a mouse, and we will print, bind and send the product to your address. Easy as photo 123.

The Foto123® Creator application supports over 30 different languages, but it is designed to be automatically displayed in the language set in the Windows system. If you want the program to work in another language, follow the three steps below.

1. Enter “Settings” in the search field at the start menu and then click on “Settings (app)” among the results displayed.

2. The “Windows settings” window opens, where you select “Time & Language”

3. The language settings will open, where on the left side select “Region” and then on the right for “Regional format” set the desired region – language. Close all open windows and after restarting the Foto123® Creator application, it will be displayed in the language you selected.

Additional fonts for Windows or Mac PC!

Additional fonts that you need to install on your Windows or Mac PC if you want to design photo calendars.

Foto123® Creator does not install any additional fonts on your operating system when installing the program. When designing photo products, you have all the fonts you have installed in your system. If you want an additional typeface, install it and it will be available when you restart the program.
We have used certain types of fonts when creating calendar templates, and if you do not have them installed in your system, these templates will not be displayed correctly. We have prepared a selected package of fonts that you can install and use in the design. Licenses for all types of fonts in the package allow their use for private and commercial purposes. A list of fonts and layout can be viewed in the pdf file at the link.