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Production of Premium Photos


DryLAB technology


Premium (classic) photos are of the highest quality, printed on premium photo paper, suitable for framing and storing in photo albums. Due to the quality and type of technology, the prices are higher compared to digital printing.

Print type: SureLab with DryLAB technology
Paper type: 250g photo paper with Luster or gloss surface
Photo size: Optional

Description of the printing machine: EPSON SureLab D3000 is made with the new DryLab technology. They do not use chemicals in the production of photos and are therefore environmentally friendly. Print quality and speed are its main advantages, and according to many, due to the larger color range, the photos are in a class of their own and at a higher level.
Due to the special protective coating, the photos have better durability and do not leave fingerprints, which is a special feature, especially for photos on gloss paper.

Due to the technology and the high quality of the print, the production cost is higher than when printing on classic machines, where a chemical process is used.


The cost of processing the order is €1 including 22% VAT. 

Photo formatPrice without VATPrice/pc 22% VAT
Photo 10×15 cm0,25 €0,30 €
Photo 15×20 cm0,41 €0,50 €
Photo 15×21 cm0,45 €0,55 €
Photo 15×23 cm0,49 €0,60 €
Photo 20×20 cm1,64 €2,00 €
Photo 20×30 cm1,80 €2,20 €
Photo 20×35 cm2,05 €2,50 €
Photo 30×30 cm4,10 €5,00 €
Photo 30×40 cm6,48 €7,90 €
Photo 30×45 cm6,72 €8,20 €

The final price may change depending on the VAT rate! Since this year, we have been included in the EU tax system OSS, which means that VAT is paid in the country to which the product is sent and at its rate!
Shipping costs are not included in the price. You can check the shipping costs here.

Companies from EU countries with a valid VIES VAT number!
After registering in the Foto123® Creator system, send us your tax number and user name to the e-mail address, so that you can easily place orders without VAT. Of course, under the condition that the goods will be delivered outside the Republic of Slovenia.

Estimated production to shipping time is 1 to 3 business days.

Luster surface has a slight sheen with a subtle and pearly texture. It offers deeper color saturation than matte coating, higher contrast and thicker paper. Fingerprints are not so visible, compared to the gloss surface it is not reflective. It looks professional with high quality paper and best for framing on the wall. It also captures the best qualities of gloss and matte, combining them into one beautiful finish.

Gloss surface is most often used for photo printing. It has a very smooth, shiny surface and has a reflective appearance. The end result of the photo often looks vibrantly colored, clean and sharp. The color is brighter and provides greater saturation. It has a smooth, unstructured surface, which means it may stick to the glass when framing. Also, the layer is very sensitive to fingerprints and smudges, for handling without gloves. The glossy finish is a good choice for printing everyday snapshots and photos with vibrant colors.


To order photos, we suggest using our Foto123 Creator online application with the click of a button. You can also place your order via our Foto123 desktop program for Windows or Mac, which you can download here.

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