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How can we make a correction in an already submitted order created in a desktop App?


You have placed an order for your project through the Foto123® Creator App. After submitting the order, you discovered an error in your project that you would like to correct. Here we should note that we cannot make corrections to your project, but we can enable you to do it easily and quickly yourself.

If it is within our working hours, please call us immediately (contact information can be found here), but if it is outside of our working hours, please notify us via email at so that we can unlock your order and enable you to make the correction in your existing order without having to go through the order submission process again.

Via phone or email, we have informed you that we have enabled you to edit your already submitted order. Simply follow the steps below to make the correction.

  • Launch our Foto123® Creator desktop App on Windows or Mac and you should be greeted with the message “Some of your orders have not been completed”. Select “Review Orders”.
  • Otherwise, or if you have already closed the notification, click on “Cart” at the top right.
  • Your shopping cart window will appear notifying you that you have incomplete orders. Click on “Edit Project”.
    If you don’t see a notification about an incomplete order, it means that we haven’t unlocked the order for editing yet, or you don’t have an online connection!
  • You will be notified that the project is part of an order in progress. Since you know that we have agreed and are waiting for a correction, click on “Continue”.
    Warning: You can only make a correction once in a project. Once the project is saved and loaded, the order correction is downloaded again and then locked again for editing.
  • Your project opens in the design tool. Make any desired corrections and click on the “Complete Order” button at the top right
  • A notification appears that this project has already been ordered and will be re-uploaded with the same order number. Click on “Continue”.
  • A notification with the general conditions will appear, click to agree and then “Start”. Uploading the updated order to the server will begin.
  • You will see a notification that your changes have been updated and you have completed the process.
    IMPORTANT: When you informed us that you wanted to make a correction, we put your order on hold, so please inform us about it by calling or e-mailing after the correction has been made, so that we can continue through the process of processing your order.

We hope that the instructions were helpful in correcting your order, and we thank you once again for using our Foto123 services.