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How to easily add images from a phone or other device when designing online on a computer or tablet?


When designing your project on our website on a desktop computer or tablet, you would like to easily add photos that you have on your mobile phone.

The process of transferring photos in full quality to your computer can sometimes be complicated and time-consuming, so we have simplified this process for you. Follow the steps below, or watch the short video to see how easy it is to add photos to your project from your mobile phone or any other device.

  • You’ve started editing your project and want to add photos from your phone to it. Click on the blue button at the top left to add photos to your project.
  • In the pop-up window that appears, click on “Upload from phone”. If you are editing the project on the tablet, then select “Upload from another device”.
  • A window for Uploading from another device will appear. Place the camera on your phone (as if you wanted to take a picture of a QR code) so that you capture the entire QR code and it is not necessary to take a picture of it. The phone will automatically recognize the QR code and offer you to open a web link. If you have problems with this or if you don’t have your phone at hand, then share the link to your phone by clicking “Copy link”.

    You only have the option to upload images from another device to the project as long as you have the “Upload from another device” pop-up window open. Once you close this window, the photo upload session is no longer active and it is no longer possible to add pictures from your phone, so you have to repeat the process.

  • A window for uploading images to your project opens on the mobile phone. Tap on “Add Pictures”.
  • On your phone, slect the photos you want to add to the project and tap “Done” at the top right.
  • The progress of uploading your photos to your project is displayed.
  • When all the pictures are Uploaded, you have completed the process on your phone.
  • A pop-up window on your computer or tablet will show the number of images received, so just click on the check mark in the pop-up window to complete the process.
  • All uploaded images are now available for you to use in your project.

We hope that the manuals will help you when adding pictures from another device, and we thank you once again for using our Foto123 services.